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  • MPV-10K


    • Gas and fluid applications
    • High purity systems
    • Medical and Bio-chemical gas analysis
    • Natural gas systems
    • Semi-conductor production
    • Pollution analysis instrumentation
    • Process plant instrumentation
    • Solvent systems
    • Chromatography
    • Mass spectroscopy
    • Research laboratory sampling
    • Oxygen service
    • Machine cutting tools

    Standard Features

    • Fine micro-metering valve with positive shut off
    • Adjustable stop, soft seat, No over-tightening
    • Stainless Steel
    • Finger tip adjust – even at 10,000 psi
    • Viton O-rings standard; other materials available by request
    • Valve can be panel or bracket mounted

  • Generant Regulators Group pic

    At the urging of both Industry Leading High Pressure Gas Cylinder Filling Plant Equipment Providers and End Users, Generant has developed a High Pressure Gas Master Shutoff/Control Valve line. Series MV valves provide consistent, low operating torque throughout the entire operating pressure range of the valve. The Series MVA is a pneumatically actuated version of valve utilizing a minimum of 85 PSI actuation pressure to operate the valve. Both valve types are third party certified to 5,500 PSI Oxygen Service.

  • T40 Air Pressure Regulator
  • Type 50 Filter Regulator