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Automation of measurements with the addition of the 10-channel scanner greatly increases the versatility of the 8000 series, and allows a complete measurement system to be easily realized.  The scanner together with the ProGraph software for PC makes an ideal combination for evaluating stability of measurements.
Each channel provides very low thermal 4 terminal switching, making it ideal for 4 wire resistance measurements in resistance thermometry and for resistance comparisons.

The use of 4mm terminals make connecting the scanner to UUT's easy, allowing the measurement system to be quickly re-configured.  With the output from the scanner located on the rear panel, connections can be routed efficiently to the rear panel terminals of the 8000 series DMM providing a neat and simple cabling solution.

Applications include scanning of both electronic and standard reference cells, standard resistance comparisons measurements and PRT probe measurements.  Special care has been taken to design the scanner to minimize thermal generated EMF voltages.  By reducing internal self heating to almost zero by using a very low power circuit, even the power supply is external, using latching relays which only need a single pulse of power to set; and using gold plated de-oxygenated copper terminals, thermal voltages have been reduced to less than 150nV.

Control is from the Serial RS232 interface or via the front panel control buttons.  LED indicator shows the selected channel.  The internal firmware ensures that two channels can never be selected at the same time and that the switching is break before make.

Calcert Gold
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Maximum Voltage

N/A 200 V


N/A Front panel inputs 4mm terminal low thermal gold on copper


N/A Serial RS232 or LAN (Ethernet)


N/A 10 to 90% RH

Number of Channels

N/A 10

Thermal EMF

N/A Typically less than 80nV

Switch Resistance

N/A Less than 0.2 ohms

Relay Type

N/A Latching

Internal Temperature

N/A 5°C to 35°C

Mains Voltage

N/A 200V to 260V AC 50Hz


N/A 4 Contact Kelvin switching: 2 Voltage: 2 Current

Internal Temperature Accuracy

N/A ±0.1°C

Humidity Accuracy

N/A 5%