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• 2, 3 and 4 point testing
• Stakeless (clamp-on) testing capability
• ART (Attached Rod Technique) capability
• Multiple, user selectable test frequencies
• Resistance measurement range to 200 kO
• IP54 rated
• Warning indicators prevent test failure
• Simple one button operation
• Included leads, stakes, calibration certificate and rugged carry case

Calcert Gold
Calcert Gold is available for this item. You could purchase a plan to set up calibrations easily with us in the future life of this unit. To learn more and purchase this plan: Click Here


N/A Typically ships in 2-3 weeks


N/A EN61010-1 Cat IV 100V

EMC Compliance

N/A Meets the requirements of EN61326-1:1998 for use in heavy industrial areas, including amendment 1.

Resistance Range

N/A 0.01 to 200 kOhms autoranging (0.01 to 20 kOhms for models DET4TD2 and DET4TR2)

Resistance Accuracy

N/A 2P Measurements: 2% ± 3 digits 3P Measurements: 2% ± 3 digits 4P Measurements: 2% ± 3 digits ART Measurements: 5% ± 3 digits Stakeless Measurements: 7% ± 3 digits

Maximum Probe Resistance

N/A Limits reduced to 100 kOhms for 25V output voltage Limits reduced to 5 kOhms for 0.01 Ohm resolution Rc limit: 200 KOhms (50V output voltage) Rp limit: 200 kOhms (50V output voltage)

Earth Voltage Range

N/A 0-100V

Earth Voltage Accuracy

N/A 2% ± 2V

Ground Current Range (with Current Measuring Clamp)

N/A 0.5 mA to 19.9 A

Ground Current Accuracy

N/A 5% ± 3 digits

Operating Temperature

N/A -15 to +55 ºC5 to +131 ºF

Storage Temperature

N/A -40 to +70 ºC-40 to +158 ºF