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  • 1500 Series

    The Series 1500 Induction Relays provide versatile and economical means of controlling many processing and production functions from remote locations with the safety inherent in a low energy sensing circuit that is isolated from the AC power source. When installed near pumps, motors or other operating equipment, the Series 1500 Induction Relay permits use of low-cost light gauge wires for the control circuit to level sensing electrodes. Relays with low voltage secondary coils provide remote control up to 36,000 feet from contact type pilot devices. Available as open chassis units or furnished with a choice of standard enclosures, these relays are connected to a constant source of alternating current. When properly installed, they will draw a maximum of 9 volt-amperes regardless of the line or electrode circuit voltage.

  • 11028300
  • 5200 Series

    Series 5200 Solid-Sate relays are designed for controlling a wide variety of high and low resistance liquids, moist bulk materials, and general purpose use in applications requiring a low voltage control circuit.  Supplied as compact package units, they combine performance-proven solid-state printed circuitry with an electromechanical load relay that features isolated double pole / double throw contacts for energizing pump motors, valves and other operating equipment.  Equipped with silicon controlled rectifiers, the 5200 Series Relay assures years of service without change in operating characteristics. The Relay will operate with less than a 10% difference between pull-in and drop-out resistance and can be mounted in any position. Units are field selectable for either DIRECT or INVERSE operation.

    Series 5200 Solid-State Relays are available in two sensitivity ranges, LOW and HIGH.


    This relay is designed for the control or detection of electrically conductive liquids with low to medium specific resistance.  Typical liquids are potable and waste water, most acids, plating solutions, fruit juices, soup, beer, milk, and soft drinks. With a low voltage AC electrode potential, this relay operates with no shock or sparking hazard. It is ideal for food, drug, dairy, and chemical processing applications.


    This relay is recommended for the control or detection of electrically conductive liquids with medium to high specific resistance. Typical liquids are distilled and de-ionized water steam condensate, alcohol, glycols and anhydrous ammonia. It is also suitable for detecting or controlling ore, foundry sand and other bulk materials with low moisture content. With a low voltage DC electrode potential and no existing shock hazard in the electrode circuit, this relay is an excellent choice for use in applications where the relay must be located many thousands of feet away from the electrodes.

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  • 5600 Series

    The 5600 Relays were developed especially for use as safe, reliable components for commercial and industrial products.  Designed to operate from electrodes or probes contacting conductive liquids, they are ideally suited to level control applications in products like vending, dispensing and ice-making machines, water softeners, dishwashers, coffee makers; plus many types of operating equipment in the food, drug, dairy, brewing, distilling and chemical processing industries.  These relays have a low energy sensing circuit with a lock-in holding feature that permits operation over a range of levels, or from momentary contact pilot devices such as float, flow, pressure and limit switches, thermostats and pushbutton actuators. They are equally suitable for use as original equipment components in many products and systems that require monitoring and control of such process variables as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, voltage and current.

    Other Features and Advantages

    • Choice of direct or inverse operation to provide fail-save control.

    • UL Recognized Component File No. E 67365.

    • In direct operation, load relay is energized when the low voltage dc sensing circuit is completed. In inverse operation, load relay is de-energized when the low voltage dc sensing circuit is completed.

  • 6012-6013 Series
  • 6012-6013 Series
  • 7010 Series
  • 7024 Series
  • 8044CustomControlPanel

    Pricing may vary.  Please call to have one of our sales representatives configure a custom control panel that meets your needs.

  • 8040 Series

    Types of 8040 Control Panel available:

    -Signal and Alarm Panels
    -Fixed Sequence Panels
    -Moisture Detectors
    -Automatic Alternator Controls
    -Automatic Alternator Combination Starter Panels
    -Single Pump Starter and Relay Panels
    -Single Pump Combination Starter and Relay Panel with Disconnects
    -Standard Control Panels for Telephone Circuit Remote Control

    *Please call to have one of our sales engineers configure a control panel to meet your needs!

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  • 7330 Series

    Prices vary.  Please call to have one of our sales representatives configure a transducer to meet your needs!

    The 7330 Pro-Stik II Series are intrinsically safe programmable linear position sensors ideal for monitoring in a variety of liquids and tanks.

    These position sensors are based on the proven magnetostrictive technology and are available in different models including explosion proof and flame proof models. 

    The 7330 Pro-Stik II position sensors are loop powered and available with a rigid 316 stainless steel or flexible PVDF materials.

    The probe features a security feature by utilizing a timing sequence that is used to unlock the probe for programming. This ensures that the span cannot be accidentally programmed by someone in the field.

    All of the sensor's electronics are SMT components integrated into the 5/8" diameter sensing tube offering greater options for insertion and mounting in tanks and vessels.

    A variety of floats and mounting accessories are available to fit virtually any application.

    Key Features:

    • 4-20mA span
    • Pressure rating: Up to 1000 psi
    • Power supply: 13.5 to 30 VDC

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  • 7230HTModbus

    The 7230 HT Digital Probe is a new magnetostrictive level measurement probe from Ametek APT for the upstream oil and gas industry where multi-layer and temperature data is critical to everyday operations.

    The 7230 Probe is a level measurement solution that provides both total and interface levels as well as temperature readings from up to 5 discreet positions, and can measure up to 257 °F.  All the data is collected by installing a single sensor through a single process connection, eliminating the need for multiple sensors and insertion points.  The 7230 Series is approved as Explosion Proof (without intrinsic safety barriers) for Class I, Div. 1 and Zone 1 hazardous locations.

    The 7230 is available with a choice of either Modbus RTU or ASCII communication protocols.  An optional analog interface module is also available for use with the Modbus RTU output.  This option allows for multivariable 4-20 mA outputs.

    All of this performance is enhanced by Ametek APT's patented magnetostrictive design.  Magnetostrictive technology requires no calibration yet provides the highest accuracy of any of the most popular level technologies that are currently offered in today's market.  The 7230 Probe is no exception, as it exceeds the high accuracy of the proven 7330 Analog STIK with an impressive accuracy of 0.01% of measured span.


    -Multivariable readings
    -Modbus or ASCII Protocol
    -High accuracy
    -High temperature
    -Reliable level measurement
    -Material's electrical characteristics and densities do not affect readings
    -Easy to install, no technician needed
    -Mixed hydrocarbons will not cause level measurement errors
    -A variety of floats are available


    Please indicate desired span and overall length of probe in whole 1" increments at checkout.  Overall length is the length from the housing to the end of the probe.

    Then select the overall length range that corresponds to the overall length entered.  Prices are as follows:

    20" to 120": $1119.00
    121" to 180": $1440.00
    181" to 240": $1752.00
    241" to 288": $2009.00

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  • 04049000