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    Bi-Lok Series D Dual Ferrule Stainless Steel Tube Fittings offer superior corrosion resistance by utilizing the internationally patented NV Pionite Surface Treatment Technology.  This innovative surface hardening treatment yields a stable austenite structure layer while maintaining corrosion resistance.  Only the leading edge  of the rear ferrule is treated.  Although this requires additional steps in the manufacturing process, the result is consistent low make up torque without the need to reduce the mass of the rear ferrule.

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    At the urging of both Industry Leading High Pressure Gas Cylinder Filling Plant Equipment Providers and End Users, Generant has developed a High Pressure Gas Master Shutoff/Control Valve line. Series MV valves provide consistent, low operating torque throughout the entire operating pressure range of the valve. The Series MVA is a pneumatically actuated version of valve utilizing a minimum of 85 PSI actuation pressure to operate the valve. Both valve types are third party certified to 5,500 PSI Oxygen Service.