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  • Sika Pump

    SIKA test pumps and pressure generators can be used everywhere, including on site in workshops, test and measurement rooms as well as laboratories. They cover a broad spectrum of industries with diverse applications.

    • Assembly and commissioning
    • Manufacturing and production
    • Maintenance and service
    • Quality assurance and test equipment monitoring
    • Repair

  • Sika VH3


    -Germanischer Lloyd Type Approval
    -Suitable for water, oil, etc.
    -Insertion installation into pipes or pipe tees DN 25...DN 50 or bigger (see data sheet)
    -Four paddles in different sizes included, selection in accordance to the pipe size (see data sheet)
    -Robust construction
    -Vibration proofed to 4 g
    -Wide set point ranges universal applicable
    -Set point adjustment by paddle size selection and by adjustment screw
    -Micro switch with high contact rating

    *Note to customer: Choose pressure rating and process connection at checkout

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    -Germanischer Lloyd Type Approval
    -Inline installation, DN 15...DN 20 female threaded, DN 25...DN 80 flanged
    -Wide set point range
    -Various fitting positions
    -High repeatability
    -Reed contact output
    -Special version for oil available (on request)

  • Sika VMM32

    The magnetic-inductive induQ flow sensors of the VMM series are thanks to their robust design suitable for use in harsher ambient conditions.  The steel fitting is fully welded and therefore very stable and insensitive to interference.

    The available nominal diameters from DN 32 to DN 200 cover measurement requirements for medium flow rates of up to 10 m/s.  The large selection of high-quality materials provides for numerous application possibilities.  Earth electrodes are available as an option.  In addition, the VMM is available in both separate and compact design and is generally delivered with a calibration certificate.  The electronic display allows customer-specific sensor configuration to meet the particular requirements on site.

    Due to the principles involved, the inner wall of the device has to be electrically insulating.  Since the robust measuring pipes of the VMM are made of stainless steel, they are lined with a non-conductive material.  Hard rubber and PTFE are available as lining materials for the VMM.  Depending on the process conditions such as medium, pressure and temperature, the most economical lining can therefore be used.

    The electronic display unit is characterized, among other things, by the following functions:

    -Rapid signal processing with a 16-bit microcontroller
    -Analogue and ditial outputs frequency or pulse output, device status, limits and flow direction
    -Empty-pipe detection feature
    -Low-flow suppression
    -Easy menu-driven operation and programming (e.g. measuring range, pulse rate) by the user by means of a two-line alphanumeric display
    -Password protection to prevent unauthorized access


    -No moving parts
    -No mechanical wear (for acqueous media without solid fractions)
    -Free pipe cross-section - no additional pressure drop
    -Maintenance - free
    -Fast response (< 100 ms)
    -Minimum inlet section requirements

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    Sika's VTR turbine flow sensor allows you to determine precisely, dependably and easily the flow rates of different liquids, such as water and other low viscosity liquids, under the most severe conditions.

    The VTR sensor is particularly robust and, due to the wide range of nominal diameters and five different pick-ups, can cope with even the most severe conditions. 

    The characterisitic variable is the K-factor (pulses per liter) which is specific to each measuring unit, is determined by calibration and specified on the name plate.  A five point calibration report can be supplied on request.

    The VTR sensor consists of the measuring turbine and a pick-up mounted on the outside.  The liquid flows into the measuring turbine and causes the rotor to move.  Due to the characteristic internal diameter the speed of rotation is directly proportional to the flow rate.  The moving rotor blades are detected by the pick-up and this is converted ino a pulsed signal proportional to the flow rate.

    For Use In:

    -Cooling circuits
    -Chemical Industry
    -Water conditioning
    -Plastics and hydraulics

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