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  • 305E Series Motor-Driven Analog Reset Timer

    Noted for its circuit flexibility, the 305E also provides the highest accuracy among analog timers. Available for either ON-Delay or
    OFF-Delay operation.

    The 305E provides delay, interval or pulse timing function for up to 7 load circuits through two instantaneous and two delayed switches. It features a plug-in design and cycle progress indication.

    Highest Accuracy: Because of its exclusive infinite engagement clutch, the 305 has a repeat accuracy of 0.2%, highest of any timer in its class.

    Plug-In and Dust-Tight Design: By virtue of its true plug-in design, the body of a 305E can be replaced in seconds without disturbing the housing or disconnecting the wiring. Its gasketed dial assembly forms a dust-tight seal against the housing, whether panel or surface-mounted.

    Fastest Reset: All 305 timers reset to a full-scale setting within 0.1 second, proportionately faster for shorter settings.

    Circuit Flexibility: All the contacts of its two instantaneous and two delayed load switches are externally accessible at a 14 point terminal block.

    Longest Life: With an average mechanical life expectancy of over 5,000,000 operations before the first failure, the 305E is the leader in its class.

    Pilot Light: A built-in pilot light indicates that the timer is running.


    • Highest Accuracy
    • Plug-In and Dust-Tight Design
    • Fastest Reset
    • Circuit Flexibility
    • Longest Life
    • Pilot Light

  • 322B Timer

    A Dial-Adjustable TDR with cycle progress indication, the ATC 322B can also be used as a low-cost automatic reset timer for a wide range of interval, delay and pulse timing functions, in either ON-delay or OFF-delay operation.

    Price/Performance Value: Although it is priced like a TDR, the 322B provides the versatile timing functions and features of much more expensive automatic reset timers.

    Instantaneous and Delayed Load Switches: Because the standard 322B includes an instantaneous switch as well as two delayed switches, it can be used in the On-Delay mode for interval and/or delayed control, with either a momentary or sustained start signal. All three switches are mounted on a sliding deck which facilitates replacement and maintenance.

    Surface or Flush Mount: The 322B is provided with hardware for surface mounting or, if desired, flush mounting through a single 15/16″ OD cutout in a 1/8″ panel.

    Cycle Progress Indication: A pointer in the dial knob rotates during the cycle, continuously showing the time remaining until time-out.


    • High Price/Performance Value
    • Instantaneous and Delayed Load Switches
    • Surface or Flush Mount
    • Cycle Progress Indication