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  • SLM Phase Monitor

    The SLM series is a microprocessor based 3 phase monitor. This device protects 3 phase equipment from under voltage, over voltage, phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, phase shift and frequency shift. Models available up to 690 vac and comes complete with automatic or manual reset, delay-on-make timer, LED indicators for fault conditions and last fault memory.


    • Models available up to 690 VAC
    • Automatic or Manual Reset
    • Delay-on-Make Timer
    • LED Indicators for Fault Conditions
    • Last Fault Memory

    Screwdriver Adjustment for:
    • Time Delay
    • Voltage
    • Mode of Operation

    Protects Three-Phase Equipement from:
    • Under Voltage
    • Over Voltage
    • Phase Loss
    • Phase Reversal
    • Phase Unbalance
    • Phase Shift
    • Frequency Shift