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  • 7014 Series
  • 7014 Series
  • 7024 Series

    The Ametek 7024 Sanitary Unifloat level sensing system has been developed to meet the special requirements of the dairy and food processing industries for CLEAN IN PLACE (CIP) operations.  When supplied with 316 stainless steel housing, units are 3A certified.


    -316 stainless steel float, guide tube and sanitary fitting

    -Pressure tight weatherproof 316 stainless steel housing, CPVC housing is optional

    -2" to 6" sanitary fittings that mate to the standard sanitary (welding) ferrule on the tank

    -Up to 7 Reed Switches suspended at any desired operating levels within the operational range of the guide tube.  Two types of patented magnetically latching reed switches are available.


    Please specify desired guide tube length in inches at checkout (enter a number between 12 and 144).  

    Then, select a length range from those provided.  Pricing is as follows:

    12-36 inches: $42.00
    37-48 inches: $53.00
    49-60 inches: $66.00
    61-72 inches: $77.00
    73-84 inches: $91.00
    85-96 inches: $101.00
    97-108 inches: $115.00
    109-120 inches: $124.00
    121-132 inches: $137.00
    133-144 inches: $150.00

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