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  • 324C Timer

    A compact and economical motor-driven cam timer, the 324C precisely controls one to twelve load circuits through easily-set screwdriver-adjustable cams. Each timer provides a wide range of cycle times through a set of interchangeable gears.

    Easy and Precise Cam Adjustment: With ATC’s unique split-cam design, each side of the cam is separately screwdriver-adjustable in either direction: either side determines the precise instant during the cycle when the switch will actuate, the other side determines how long the switch will remain actuated. Adjustments are easy and precise: 1/4 turn of the adjusting screw equals 0.5% of cycle time. A setting disc, calibrated in 1% increments, facilitates program set-up and indicates cycle progress.

    One to Twelve Precision Switches: Whether used as a time or sequence programmer, the 324C can be ordered with any number of cam-operated switches from one to twelve. Each SPDT precision switch is rated at 10 amps, 120 VAC and is 1/3 hp rated at 120 or 240 VAC.

    Wide Range of Cycle Times: The 324C is available with a choice of 14 synchronous motors that provide more than 270 cycle times between 3 sec and 60 hrs. Each motor provides an adjustable range of 21 cycle times, with a ratio of over 2.5:1, through a set of interchangeable gears. Changing gears is a simple operation that takes only a few minutes.

    Accuracy: The repeat accuracy and setting accuracy of the 324C are both within ± 0.25%. Follower fingers precisely track the contour of the cams, accurately operating the precision switches with quick-break and action.

    Sequence Control: The 324C can be ordered without a motor and with a 1 inch long shaft extension on either or both ends, for use as a rotary cam limit switch.

    APPROVALS: File No. E24305, LR26970


    • CSA and UL Recognized
    • Easy and precise Cam adjustment
    • One to twelve precision switches. Each SPDT precision switch is rated at 10 amps 120VAC and is 1/3 hp rated at 120 or 240VAC
    • Wide range of cycle times—270 cycle times between
      3 sec and 60 hrs.
    • Repeat accuracy and setting accuracy within ±1/4%.
    • Sequence control

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