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  • M2A

    The RKI M2A™ is a state-of-the-art transmitter that can operate as an independent, stand-alone monitor or as part of an integrated system. The M2A connects with an analog or digital signal to virtually any controller, PLC, or DCS. Setup procedures are simplified with user friendly push buttons and OLED menus. It utilizes a magnetic wand technique for performing non-intrusive calibration. The M2A provides an automatic zero drift correction feature, which results in more stable readings and reduces the need for adjustments due to sensor aging.

    The housing of the M2A does not need to be opened for zeroing or calibration, making it unnecessary to declassify the area for routine maintenance. It is designed so that a complete field calibration can be performed by one person. Sensor construction is rated Class I, Div. 1 Groups B, C, D for flammables, CO, H2S, O2, and CO2, and Class I, Div. 2 for all other toxics.

    The transmitter provides a 4-20 mA output in addition to a Modbus digital output. It also has two levels of alarms with relays, plus a fail alarm with relay. A digital display of the gas concentration, as well as alarm and status lights, can be viewed through the front window.

    The toxic sensors are electrochemical type plug-in sensors, which provide high specificity, fast response, and long life. The plug-in design allows quick replacement in the field with no tools required. Toxic sensors are designed for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations. Sensors available for NH3, SO2, PH3, AsH3, and HCN.

    The M2A represents the latest leading edge technology in sensor / transmitters today.

  • Replacement Sensors for M2A Series
  • RKI S2 Series
  • GD-K88Ai
  • M-Series
  • Model 1017

    The Model 1017 series is a compact sample draw direct connect LEL sensor assembly with a built-in pump that accepts a 24VDC input. This unit features a watertight cast aluminum alloy housing which is rated as explosion proof for Class I, Division I, Groups B, C, & D. The Model 1017 has a detection range of 0-100% LEL and can draw a sample from 100 feet away.

    The Model 1017 can interface to any RKI Beacon 110, 200, 410, or M2 controllers, Beacon 800, Riken Kieki, or third party control system utilizing optional amplifier with 4-20 mA feedback signal. The stainless steel inlet and exhaust fittings on the bottom of the housing allow the gas sample to enter and exit. This is a very cost effective way of monitoring LEL with a sample draw direct connect sensor.


    • Monitors 0-100% LEL
    • Sample-draw with long life internal pump
    • Cast aluminum alloy housing
    • Stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings with flame arrestors
    • Housing and flame arrestors CSA and UL classified for use in hazardous locations Class I, Division I, Groups B, C, & D.
    • Also available for oxygen monitoring, 0-25% volume
    • Operates on 24VDC input

  • 35-3001 Series
  • RI-215

    The RI-215 series of IR CO2 montitors are widely used in the measurement and control of CO2 levels in a variety of applications where CO2 monitoring or detection is required. A highly accurate, RKI non-dispersive infrared absorption sensor is used to provide direct measurements through diffusion or sample draw monitors, and activate alarms or control ventilation systems based on preset CO2 levels. Each model provides a digital readout in parts per million of CO2 providing precise measurement and direct visual indication of gas levels. A 4-20 mA output is provided to send a signal to a fire panel or other PLC system and a relay is available to trip an alarm or activate a ventilation system.

    Three levels of measurement are provided: 0-2,000 ppm (ASHRAE 1969 IAQ max PEL), 0-5,000 ppm (leak detection of CO2 storage tanks) and 0-9,999 ppm. The RI-215A runs on 24 VAC or 24 VDC and the RI-215D with sample drawing pump runs on 115 VAC or 220 VAC. Each are designed for indoor use only and supplied in a NEMA 12 enclosure that is easily accessible for calibration, service, and continuous monitoring. RKI offers additional monitors with higher measurement levels in portable or fixed installation applications. Please contact an RKI authorized representative for more information on other CO2 monitors available.


    • Easy to read LCD digital display
    • Compact, lightweight and easy installation
    • Highly reliable non-dispersive infrared detection method
    • Recorder output signal
    • Automatic control of ventilation systems
    • Alarm contact output provided
    • 4-20ma output provided
    • Diffusion or sample draw versions available

  • RKI Explosion Proof Direct Connect Sensor with J-Box
  • Single-Dual Sensor Air Aspirator

    Single or dual sensor system is designed to monitor gas atmospheres from extreme conditions with either temperature, moisture, or pressure challenges. A powerful air aspirator can pull a sample from up to 100 feet away. The filtered and conditioned sample gas is then passed across one or two different detectors. Each detector shares a common calibration and compressed air inlet for aspirated flow. This system is fault tolerant removing the need for expensive downtime and maintenance. The sample is diluted with air after the gas sensor and then returned to a common exhaust reducing the danger of potential hazardous gases entering a safe work space.

    System integrity is maintained at all times using a flow fail monitoring device which provides a NO contact that activates if the sample line becomes blocked or damaged or if the air supply is removed or interrupted.

    The panel can be used with direct-connect (sensors connected to an RKI controller), or with S2 Series, and M2 Series transmitters. All transmitters have a 4-20 mA signal for direct connection to the site DCS, PLC or site control system. If needed, RKI instruments can supply a dedicated Gas Detection Control system to provide local alarms, 4-20 mA output with a wide range of dry contacts, making the system very sophisticated and user friendly.

    Integral sample filter included to remove water and dirt, automatic drain type.

    RS485 Modbus output options available on the M2 transmitter.


    • Simple to operate
    • Long life air aspirator (no moving parts)
    • Extreme sample temperatures
    • One or two sensors
    • Inside/outside location options
    • Corrosion resistant construction for extreme environments / samples
    • Uses proven RKI technology
    • Modular design easy to maintain
    • Self draining moisture trap
    • Back flush for sample line
    • NEMA 4X enclosure options (stainless steel or plastic)


    When ordering an Air Aspirated Panel System, please specify:

    1.  Either an M2A Aspirator Panel for 1 or 2 Sensors, a Direct Connect Aspirator Panel for 1 or 2 sensors, or an S2 Aspirator Panel for 1 or 2 sensors from the choices below.

    And then:

    2.  The desired detector assembly (M2A Series, Direct Connect Series, or S2 Series) as a separate purchase

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  • EC-600