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  • WR300 Series Composite Image

    Easy Operation – Intuitive Controls

    A separate bank of chart speed setting keys enables you to change the chart speed at any time, and four directional cursor keys are provided for easy menu selection.  The additional buttons of the WR310 makes this unit even easier to use than similar products.

    Wide Format Printing

    The wide 200 mm (8 inch) paper allows data to be printed with ultimate clarity and precision – even better than what can be shown on the built-in LCD display.

    Data Upload to Your PC

    OPS023 control/transfer/conversion software is included, so you can convert data captured to Excel ™ or delimited ASCII format.  Need more analysis power? FlexPro ™ can open Graphtec data files natively, providing a powerhouse of analytical capabilities with an Excel-like interface.

    *Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

    *FlexPro is a trademark of Weisang GMBH

    Available are convenient 2-channel plug-in modules that adapt the WR300 to a wide variety of input types and sensors, including voltages up to 500 V, strain gauges, thermocouples, frequency/RPM signals, and more.  There’s also a logic input amp which offers the same number of inputs as the base machine (4, 8, or 16).

    Capture data to memory, to the paper, or to the optional hard drive or PCM-CIA flash RAM memory card.  Data is available at all times on the 8.4” color LCD screen in a variety of formats, including scroll, oscilloscope, XY, and even FFT!  Data can be printed in real time or after acquisition, to the built-in 100 or 200 mm wide chart output.

    Ethernet and USB interfaces are built-in so that you can control the system from your computer (OPS software is included).  The same software and interfaces can also transfer data to your computer and convert it to several popular formats, including Excel and delimited ASCII.

    Standard Accessories (Included):

    • Thermal Paper (4 Ch PR230 100mm, 8 Ch-16 Ch PR231A 200 mm) (1 roll)
    • Roll paper bobbins (2)
    • REMOTE connector (1)
    • LCD Protector (1)
    • User Guide CD-ROM with OPS023 Application Software, USB Driver (1)
    • Quick Guide (2)
    • AC Cable (RSC-110) (1)

  • WR300 Amplifiers Composite

    Multi-Function Input - Plug-In Amplifiers

    Plug-in 2-channel WR300 series amplifiers adapt the system to a wide variety of input types and sensors.

  • Logic Amplifier
  • WR300 Accessories