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  • Watlow S-T-L Heater

    The Watlow STRETCH-TO-LENGTH® (S-T-L) gas line heater system is an easy-to-assemble temperature solution that delivers superior performance compared to heat tape.  The heater's preformed construction allows an engineer to easily wrap it around the delivery line.  It provides consistent heater/has line contact to improve temperature uniformity.  Due to its flexibility, the S-T-L gas line heater can compensate for variable component sizes to reduce the potential for hot and cold spots. 

    The S-T-L system includes a 2 W/in² S-T-L heater and silicone foam rubber insulation.  S-T-L heaters are specified by their straight length.  For actual applications, an engineer can wrap the heaters to achieve an optimum temperature profile.  Coverage lengths of approximately 60 and 80 percent on 1/4 in. (6 mm) and 1/2 in. (13 mm.) diameter tubes are provided as a guide to select heater lengths for actual gas line dimensions.  A gas line with 100 percent coverage is approximately 2 W/in², 80 percent coverage 1.6 W/in.² or 60 percent coverage 1.2 W/in².