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  • CP Series Timer
  • 305E Series Motor-Driven Analog Reset Timer
  • 405AR Timer
  • 7DT-2CH Timer
  • 314B Timer
  • 324C Timer

    A compact and economical motor-driven cam timer, the 324C precisely controls one to twelve load circuits through easily-set screwdriver-adjustable cams. Each timer provides a wide range of cycle times through a set of interchangeable gears.

    Easy and Precise Cam Adjustment: With ATC’s unique split-cam design, each side of the cam is separately screwdriver-adjustable in either direction: either side determines the precise instant during the cycle when the switch will actuate, the other side determines how long the switch will remain actuated. Adjustments are easy and precise: 1/4 turn of the adjusting screw equals 0.5% of cycle time. A setting disc, calibrated in 1% increments, facilitates program set-up and indicates cycle progress.

    One to Twelve Precision Switches: Whether used as a time or sequence programmer, the 324C can be ordered with any number of cam-operated switches from one to twelve. Each SPDT precision switch is rated at 10 amps, 120 VAC and is 1/3 hp rated at 120 or 240 VAC.

    Wide Range of Cycle Times: The 324C is available with a choice of 14 synchronous motors that provide more than 270 cycle times between 3 sec and 60 hrs. Each motor provides an adjustable range of 21 cycle times, with a ratio of over 2.5:1, through a set of interchangeable gears. Changing gears is a simple operation that takes only a few minutes.

    Accuracy: The repeat accuracy and setting accuracy of the 324C are both within ± 0.25%. Follower fingers precisely track the contour of the cams, accurately operating the precision switches with quick-break and action.

    Sequence Control: The 324C can be ordered without a motor and with a 1 inch long shaft extension on either or both ends, for use as a rotary cam limit switch.

    APPROVALS: File No. E24305, LR26970


    • CSA and UL Recognized
    • Easy and precise Cam adjustment
    • One to twelve precision switches. Each SPDT precision switch is rated at 10 amps 120VAC and is 1/3 hp rated at 120 or 240VAC
    • Wide range of cycle times—270 cycle times between
      3 sec and 60 hrs.
    • Repeat accuracy and setting accuracy within ±1/4%.
    • Sequence control

  • 355C Timer
  • SLM Phase Monitor

    The SLM series is a microprocessor based 3 phase monitor. This device protects 3 phase equipment from under voltage, over voltage, phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, phase shift and frequency shift. Models available up to 690 vac and comes complete with automatic or manual reset, delay-on-make timer, LED indicators for fault conditions and last fault memory.


    • Models available up to 690 VAC
    • Automatic or Manual Reset
    • Delay-on-Make Timer
    • LED Indicators for Fault Conditions
    • Last Fault Memory

    Screwdriver Adjustment for:
    • Time Delay
    • Voltage
    • Mode of Operation

    Protects Three-Phase Equipement from:
    • Under Voltage
    • Over Voltage
    • Phase Loss
    • Phase Reversal
    • Phase Unbalance
    • Phase Shift
    • Frequency Shift