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  • Extech Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers

    Enables non-contact measurements of ground conductors
    Without the need for auxiliary spikes

    • Autoranging ground resistance measurements from 0.03 to 1500 with 0.02 resolution
    • True RMS AC Leakage current range of 0.2mA to 30.00A
    • Programmable datalogging with 116 data points
    • Programmable Hi/Lo alarm
    • 0.9" (23mm) Jaw size for large ground rods
    • Simplifies ground resistance measurements on multiple point ground systems
    • Auto power off
    • Verification resistors confirm accuracy of meter
    • Automatic Self Calibration when powered on
    • 9999 Count LCD display with Data Hold
    • Electrical Noise Detection feature prevents inaccurate readings
    • Data hold and Continuity beeper
    • Complete with 9V battery, Resistance check plate, and durable metal storage case

  • DET4T2
  • DET4T2