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  • CPF Fittings & Hoses

    CPF is an improved cone type fitting system that adds a unique o-ring sealing system which permits leak free connections without tools.  CPF fittings can be directly connected to 1/4" medium pressure cone type fittings from other manufacturers*, provided that wrenches are used to complete the connection.  The fittings of the CPF system have been designed and tested to comply with ASME B31.3-2008, Chapter IX: High Pressure Piping.

    * HiP: 1/4" Female and Male Medium Pressure (LF4 & LM4 series)

    Autoclave Engineers: 1/4" Female and Male Medium Pressure (SF250CX series)

    Non-Crystal MP adapters require wrench tightening
    Hose is not compatible with dioctyl sebacate fluid
    CAUTION: To achieve CPF maximum allowable working pressures no o-ring substitutions are allowed.
    If a torque wrench isn't practical to use, hand tighten then tighten an additional 20 degrees using a wrench.

  • NPT Male Quick-Test Adapters

    Quick-test hose and adaptres seal via an O-ring and probe.  The probe slides into the O-ring and provides the seal while the threads keep the probe in place.  This simple and reliable method allows for leak-free connections in any calibration.

  • Quick-Test Hoses

    Ralston instruments Quick-Test™ hose is unique because it can be attached and detached without a wrench or thread sealant while maintaining a working pressure of 6900 psi (475 bar).  Quick-test™ hoses are small in diameter, flexible and low in volume.  These hoses provide an ideal way of transmitting pressure during a vacuum or perssure calibration.  A wide variety of adaptors provide a connection for most calibration applications.

  • Ralston Instruments Hoses and Adapters

    Ralston Instruments Quick-test hoses and adapters are designed to provide leak-free connections for use in pressure calibration to 6900 psi (475 bar). Their unique, proprietary design has allowed Ralston Instruments to become a leading supplier of pressure calibration connection products.
    Quick-test hoses come in several standard models. Hoses can be made to order in any length with a large selection of hose ends to choose from. Ralston Instruments also makes a wide variety of process connections that allow the user to connect to virtually any process.

  • BiLok Fittings composite

    Bi-Lok Series D Dual Ferrule Stainless Steel Tube Fittings offer superior corrosion resistance by utilizing the internationally patented NV Pionite Surface Treatment Technology.  This innovative surface hardening treatment yields a stable austenite structure layer while maintaining corrosion resistance.  Only the leading edge  of the rear ferrule is treated.  Although this requires additional steps in the manufacturing process, the result is consistent low make up torque without the need to reduce the mass of the rear ferrule.

  • QTVF000S