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  • Series 4000

    The Series 4000 Quick Opening Valve functions as in-line on-off switch particularly suited to applications in Instrumentation and Control Panels to open and close circuits or isolate gauges. The unique design of these valves permits full-closed to full-open operation quickly with a 60° turn of the knob. Standard units will detent in the selected position or, if desired, can be spring loaded (Option R) to return to the off position when released. The Series 4000 is offered in 2-way and 3-way designs. The 2-way design is a snap action on-off control, while the 3-way design offers the same snap on-off action while venting the downstream pressure to atmosphere when in the off position. These valves are compact in size and can be utilized for in-line and panel mount applications. Valves can be ordered Cleaned and Packaged for Oxygen service.

  • LCV

    The Series LCV Liquid Cylinder Pressure Control/Relief Valve is designed exclusively for use on DOT 4L Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders. The LCV dramatically reduces the noise associated with traditional cylinder relief device discharge. Under normal operating conditions, the LCV optimizes cylinder performance by venting only what is required to maintain cylinder pressure in a tight band. In the event that circumstances demand, the LCV has adequate flow capacity to insure safety, meeting all industry and regulatory requirements.

  • SOV Series Group pic

    Series SOV Shut Off Valves offers low torque, quarter turn, positive shut off of forward flow up to 3000 Psig (207 Bar). These valves feature a one piece body construction with a machined metallic replaceable plug Stem. Sealing is accomplished with a standard elastomeric O-Ring seal. Larger size valves utilize Teflon Backup Rings to reduce operating torque and provide long service life. The Series SOV can be ordered Cleaned for Oxygen Service.

  • IBV

    High Pressure Instrument Ball Valves offer reliable 1/4-turn shutoff for pressures up to 6,000 Psig (413 bar). These valves feature a Micro-Finished Floating Ball design to provide a positive seal in both directions. Series IBV Instrument Ball Valves also feature a “straight-through” flow path to ensure high flows with minimum pressure drop. The valves are designed to operate with a low operation torque while providing a long service life. All valve configurations can be panel mounted.

    *Note: O-Ring face seal connections with HNBR seals optimized for CNG fueling systems.

  • MV Group Pic

    The Series MV High Pressure Gas Control Valve is optimized for the demanding requirements of Gas Cylinder Fill Plants, Manifold, and Piping System applications. The High Pressure Oxygen Service Valve Configuration (Seal Option C) was third party tested per ISO 7291 (O2 Surge) and ASTM G175 (Promoted Ignition). The valve is also available with a PCTFE seal (Seal Option K) for positive sealing in non-oxygen applications. The Series MV is available in a variety of porting and mounting configurations. The panel mount configuration is supplied with two panel nuts for easy retro-fitting to existing panel mount installations.


    • Oxygen Safe:  Copper Valve (Seal Option C) Configuration Third Party Tested per ISO 7291 (O₂ Surge) and ASTM G175 (Promoted Ignition)
    • Low Torque:  Needle Thrust Bearing Maintains Low Operating Torque (<10 in.-lbs.) Throughout Full Pressure Range
    • Flow Control:  Unique Valve Geometry Allows User to Meter Flow on Initial Opening and Minimizes Initial Pressure Surges
    • Long Service Life:  Optimized Material and Component Selection for Long Service Life; Non-Rotating Poppet and Non-Rising Stem Maintain Seat and Seal Integrity, Needle Thrust Bearing Efficiently Minimizes Wear Effects of Mechanical Load
    • Fast Opening:  2.5 turns from Closed to Full-Open
    • High Flow:  Large Orifices and Internal Flow Paths for Maximum Flow Efficiency
    • Field Re-Buildable:  All Seat/Seal Configurations Fully Field Re-Buildable
    • Adaptable to Existing Installations:  Panel mount version supplied with two panel nuts for easy retro-fitting to existing installations

    *The use of PCTFE Material in Oxygen Service is not recommended.

  • MV Group Pic