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  • BetaGauge 330 Pressure Calibrators with Integral Electric Pumps

    The BetaGauge 330 is a revolution in pressure calibration technology for the process industries. With the 330, technicians have a small, lightweight calibrator that generates from high vacuum to 150 PSI using a high performance integral electric pump.

    Gone is the drudgery of manual pumping or using large, heavy and unwieldy boxes with limited portability and poor battery life.

    The BetaGauge 330 has a form factor only slightly larger than Martel's popular BetaGauge 321 and weighs in at a mere 2.5 pounds. The housing is contoured to easily fit a technician's hand with good balance top to bottom.

    Performance doesn't stop with the pump. The BetaGauge 330 provides ±0.025 % of full scale accuracy on its internal, isolated pressure sensor. Temperature compensation on its internal sensor ensures accuracy in field applications. An external pressure module connection supports all 29 ranges of BetaPort-P pressure modules for even greater measurement capability.

    A Pt100 RTD input is provided for temperature measurements accurate to ±0.1 ºC (0.2 ºF). In addition, the BetaGauge 330 measures and simulates 4-20 mA loop current signals. It can measure up to 30 VDC. An internal 24 VDC Instrument Power Supply supplies power to a transmitter under test.

    Like its calibrator siblings, the 330 displays up to 3 calibration values at one time from the choice of internal pressure sensor, external pressure sensor, temperature from the optional RTD probe or electrical (mA or VDC). The display is a large back lit graphics style LCD that's easy to read in any lighting condition.

    General Features:

    • Integrated internal electrically operated pneumatic pump: generates pressure to 300 PSI and vacuum to -12 PSI (-1 to 20 Bar, -10 to 200 kPa)
    • Accuracy of 0.035% FS
    • Small rugged compact design operates on eight (8) standard Alkaline AA batteries    
      • Only 8” high x 4” wide x 2-3/8” deep (20 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm)
      • Lightweight at just 2.5 lbs. (1.2 kg)
    • External pressure module interface supports all BetaPort-P pressure modules (requires optional BPPA-100 module adapter)
    • Pt100 RTD input for temperature measurement, accurate to 0.2 °F (0.1 °C) (measurement only)
    • 24 V loop power to power device under test
    • Store and recall 5 user defined setups
    • Clearbrite LCD with backlight can be configured to display up to 3 variables displayed simultaneously (user controlled)
    • Ideal for gas custody transfer flow meter applications
    • Pressure displayed in the user’s choice of 15 engineering units
    • Switch test is automatic using internal sensor or external pressure module
    • IP56 Rated
    • Percent error function

  • BetaGauge 330 Pressure Calibrators with Integral Electric Pumps
  • MECP10K pic

    Hydraulic Pump Features:

    • Ease of use
    • Fine adjust vernier
    • Fine release bleed valve
    • High pressure 0 to 10,000 psi
    • Kits available

    This hand pump provides a hydraulic pressure source from 0-10,000 psi.  A wide variety of pressure media may be used, but distilled water is the preferred fluid.

  • MECP500 pic

    Pressure Pump Features:

    • Ease of use
    • Fine adjust vernier
    • Fine release bleed valve
    • Vacuum to 600 psi
    • Kits available
    • Field Serviceable valves

    The Pressure Hand Pump is a compact, lightweight, portable hand-operated pressure and vacuum pump.  When a digital calibrator is added the unit can be used to calibrate or check pressure measuring devices in the field.  No external power or high pressure bottles are required.  The pressure pump is completely assembled and ready to connect to the pressure device to be calibrated.  Calibration is quick and simple since the pump is taken directly to the pressure device. This pressure pump provides a source of air pressure, 0-600 psi, or vacuum,  0-28" Hg. 

  • BetaGauge PI PRO image

    The BetaGauge PI PRO builds on the proven performance of the BetaGauge PI with a new purpose designed Zinc-Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Cast housing.  The new housing improves the environmental integrity of the gauge in a lighter and smaller yet more rugged form factor. 

    The pressure calibration gauge takes the concept of an analog Test Gauge, and brings it to a new level, as only MARTEL can do.  The calibration gauge combines the accuracy of digital technology with the simplicity of an analog gauge, and achieves performance, ease-of-use, and a feature set unmatched in the pressure measurement world.  Setup of the pressure calibration gauge is fast and straightforward, through a menu-driven display, with minimal text, and intuitive functions, that is simple enough to allow the digital test gauge to be used anywhere in the world, without the need for multilingual displays.

    Ease-of-use, performance, and features set the Digital Pressure Calibration Test Gauge apart, just as you've come to expect from Martel Electronics.

  • BetaGauge PIR-PRO

    As with the original high accuracy BetaGauge PI PRO gauges, the BetaGauge PIR PRO takes the concept of a simple analog Test Gauge and combines it with the accuracy of digital technology.  The new Reference Class gauges provide exceptional performance with ± 0.04% of reading accuracy, especially when operated below 50% of their range.

    The BetaGauge PIR PRO builds on the proven performance of the BetaGauge PIR with a new purpose designed Zinc-Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Cast housing.  The new housing improves the environmental integrity of the gauge in a lighter and smaller yet more rugged form factor. 

  • BetaGauge PI PRO image

    Accessories to BetaGauge PI-PRO Digital Test Gauge and kits

  • BetaLog Software pic
  • PTC-8010 pic
  • M2000A
  • LC-110

    The Martel LC-110 and LC-110H are mA (loop) calibrators designed to take the loop calibrator class to the next level.  The new LC-110 series features a user friendly interface with dedicated buttons and a rotary encoder (Quick-Set Knob).  This combination dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure, or source voltage or current and power up a loop.  The rugged case in contoured to easily fit a technician’s hand and the large backlit graphics LCD is best in class.

    The LC-110H differs from the standard LC-110 in that it incorporates HART communications and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands.  This unique feature allows the LC-110H to be used as both a loop calibrator and communication tool.

    In the communicator mode the user will be able to read basic device information, perform diagnostic tests, and trim the calibration on most HART enabled transmitters.  In the past, this could only be done with a dedicated communicator, high-end multifunction calibrator costing thousands of dollars, or a laptop computer with HART modem.  The LC-110H will allow many more technicians to service and support HART devices.

    In addition to HART communications, Martel also gave the user the ability to get information out of the LC-110H.  Need to quickly document the parameters of all the HART transmitters in your plant?  Just add the BetaLOG HART software/cable to capture and upload to twenty configurations in either (.csv) or (.txt) format.

    How about the ability to data log or record data on a particular transmitter for troubleshooting? The data log toll features selectable capture interval from 1 to 60 seconds and a logging capacity of 9800 records or 99 individual sessions.  Each data sample contains the LC110H measurement, all four process variables and the standard status conditions.

    General Features:

    • Best in Class Accuracy at 0.01% Reading
    • Small Rugged design operates on (6) standard AAA batteries
    • Intuitive interface that features a Quick-Set Knob
    • 24VDC loop power with mA Measure Mode (-25% to 125%)
    • Resolution of 1µA on mA ranges and 1mV on voltage ranges
    • Built in selectable 250Ω Resistor for HART communications
    • Simple two wire connection for all measurements
    • Auto Shutdown to conserve battery life (adjustable up to 30 minutes)
    • Variable step and ramp time in seconds
    • Adjustable span selection (0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA)
    • Valve Test (simulate defined mA values with % keys)

  • IVC-222HPII

    The Martel Electronics IVC-222HPII Voltage/Current Calibrator is a general purpose current and voltage source that can be used in engineering, manufacturing, test, and process control applications.  It combines both digital and analog circuitry to achieve its rated specifications in a small, reliable package.

    The IVC-222HPII has the capability to store and recall up to two setpoint values using the SP1 and SP2 keys.  An RS-232 port accessed via a custom cable (available from Martel) allows the calibrator to be computer controlled for automated testing.

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