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  • 2100 Series

    The Expert™ Level Transmitter 2100 series is a very popular level transmitter, with a sturdy design made for level measuring in waste water applications around the world.  

    The transmitter is suitable for level measurement in wastewater pumping stations, tanks and containers at sewage plants, water works, and industrial plants.


    • Applications: Wastewater and process water
    • PP Housing reinforced with iron bars
    • Stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316 L) diaphragm
    • Ø 2.36"mm outer diameter
    • Programmable zero point and span with flexible measuring ranges
    • Measuring ranges between 0 – 6 ft. up to 0 – 200 ft.
    • Measurement and stability accuracy better than ± 0.25 %
    • Output signal 2-wire 4 - 20 mA (2100) or Modbus RS 485 (2100 Digital)
    • High pull strength (200 pound) PUR Cable

  • 7030 Series

    The 7030 Float Switch belongs to a new generation of float switches where the mercury switches used previously have been replaced with up-to-date environmentally friendly materials.


    Special Features:

    • Environmentally friendly float switch without Mercury
    • Float switch is made of polypropylene, environmentally-friendly and strong.
    • Electromechanical contact system
    • The electromechanical contact system has a changeover contact that can handle loads up to 16A so a motor start relay can be connected directly.
    • Lifetime guaranteed up to 20x107 operations
    • High flexible cable