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  • FGV-HX/FGE-HX Javeling Series Pic

    The microprocessor-controlled, digital FGV-HXY and FGE-HXY series offers the same user-friendly features of our popular FGV-XY and FGE-XY series, but in an extremely heavy-duty case, allowing the gauges to handle larger capacities from 200 to 1,000 pounds. Shown with two removable “knurled” steel handles are provided for hand operation and a hanger is included which enables each gauge to be used as a scale.
    The FGV-HXY series includes all FGE-HXY features plus RS232C output, RS-232C cable, (analog cable is extra) analog outputs and an overload output signal. One year warranty.

    Reversible display
    Outstanding accuracy (+/- 0.2% F.S.)
    Peak measurement
    Rechargeable batteries
    Field calibration through keypad
    Overload capacity: 200% F.S.
    Overload output signal (FGV-HX models)
    RS232C and analog outputs (FGV-HX models)
    Variable units of measure (lb., kg., or N)
    Heavy-duty load sensor
    Rugged die-cast aluminum housing
    Two heavy duty "knurled" steel handles
    Removable hanger
    Measures both compression and tension forces
    Auto power shut-off
    Low battery indicator
    Ergonomically designed
    One year warranty

    Permits inverting the gauge for test stand or handheld operation without disassembly of case
    Ideal for even the strictest tolerances
    Captured with the push of a button
    Operates continuously for 20 hours when fully charged
    Eliminates down time
    High capacity overload protection leads to fewer repairs
    Prevents load cell damage by automatically terminating test stand operation
    Allows flexibility in data collection and function analysis
    Easily selected with the touch of a button
    Designed for over one million operations
    Production floor capable, able to withstand hostile work environments
    Enables easy hand operation
    Enables gauge to be used as a scale
    Conveniently determined with the same sensing shaft
    Prolongs battery life
    Provides ample warning to complete testing (3 hours or more)
    Fits in the palm of your hand

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  • FG3000

    The new FG-3000 Series digital force gauges are the choice for simple, cost-effective tension and compression testing.  Combining one of the most compact housings, yet maintaining a large back-lit LCD, these units were designed to fit perfectly in the hand for ease of use.  The multi-language FG-3000’s provide menu programming for intuitive setup of the instrument to your desired requirements.  Three modes of operation are selectable: Track mode displays live readings, Peak mode records the maximum reading sensed during the test, and Pre-set mode which activates user defined high and low limit set points.  The programmable limits provide a quick visual and audible indication if a test passes or fails.  In addition, a comparator output enables integration of the instrument into your quality system for repetitive testing such as on production lines.

    The display graphics facilitate user comprehension and operation.  An analog bar graph provides perspective of current reading in comparison to the full scale range.  Pass/Fail icons provide an instant response of the testing outcome while a storage symbol acknowledges when a reading is logged.  A menu-selectable display orientation streamlines switching from push to pull testing for portable or test stand applications.

    These high-tech instruments can log up to 500 readings at the push of a button for instant data acquisition.  The data can be viewed on screen, sent to optional printer, or uploaded on the free software program for graphing and statistical analysis.  Models are available from 2.2 to 220 lb ranges providing a large offering for various applications such as incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D or almost any portable or force stand testing requirement.

    Included Accessories:

    • AC Adaptor/Charger
    • USB Cable
    • Calibration Certificate
    • 6 Attachments: Hook, Flat Tip, Conical Tip, Chisel Tip, Notched Tip, Extension Shaft

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  • DART FGE-X Series pic

    The 1000 series, with its fast 1000 Hz update rate, is able to capture the highest force peaks. With variable display update rate superior accuracy as the FGV-XY series, these gauges feature unique 180 degree flip displays, permitting the user to read the display right-side up. Additional enhancements are; dual direction keypad, selectable force direction indication, and selectable power on/off settings.

    Designed to ergonomically fit in the palm of your hand, the rugged, all metal construction of the FGE-XY permit accurate measurement and display of compression and tension forces up to 100 pounds. (up to 1,000 lbs using the FGV-1000HXY).

    1000 Hz update rate
    Highly accurate (+/- 0.2% F.S.)
    Peak measurement
    Reversible keypad
    Variable display rate
    Overload capacity: 200% F.S.
    Heavy duty load sensor
    Variable units of measure (oz., lbs., kg., N)
    Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
    Measures and records compression and tension tests
    Dual power capable
    Selectable, automatic on/off ability
    Low battery indicator
    One year warranty

    Ability to capture the highest compression/tension force
    Ideal for strict tolerances
    Captured with a single push of a button
    Easy to read upside down or right side up when stand mounted
    Slow display update rate for operator ease
    High overload protection leads to fewer repairs
    Designed for over 1 million operations
    One button selection
    Exceptional durability, production floor capable
    True "push-pull" tests are permitted
    Rechargeable battery or AC line voltage
    Prolongs battery life, provides 24/7 testing with no off time when powered by AC
    Provides warning to complete tests when on battery power
    Provides peace of mind, (optional: NIST certs with data).

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  • FGV-XY Dart 2.0 Series pic

    The all NEW DART 2.0: FGV-XY series gauges from SHIMPO combine the extensive features of the SHIMPO DFS series with the rugged, ergonomic and compact design of the original DART series to provide a complete force testing instrument for a variety of industries. With free software and toriemon USB, the FGV-XY provides a total package for force testing up to 200lbs.

    The ergonomically designed DART 2.0 provides an easy to use force gauge for incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D and other force-related applications. Onboard statistic calculations provide fast access to maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation data.

    The USB port and 1,000 point memory allows for data to be easily exported in real time or once testing is complete. In addition, the RS-232C and analog outputs allow the DART 2.0 series maximum flexibility.

    Applications where the DART 2.0 series excels: Wallboard, wire pull, wire crimp, trigger pull, brake pedal, aerospace ceramic, spring, food ripeness, corrugated paper strength, blister pack medical component, muscle strength and ergonomic testing.

    1000 Hz sample rate
    High accuracy (0.2%)
    USB/RS-232/analog outputs
    Reversible keypad and display
    Variable display rate
    0.5 lb. to 200 lb. capacities
    200% overload capacity
    Rugged die cast aluminum construction
    Selectable auto shut-off
    Small size
    On board statistics
    expanded memory
    Built in hi-lo comparator

    Faster sampling to provide more accurate results
    Ideal for strict tolerances
    3 different outputs for data collection provides maximum flexibility
    Use as a handheld gauge or mount upside down on a stand.  No upside down reading required!
    Slow display update rate for operator ease
    Various capacities allow testing of different applications without forfeiting accuracy
    Higher overload protection results in less repairs-cheap to keep
    Exceptional durability
    Prolongs battery life, while allowing constant use when powered via AC adapter
    Ergonomic design provides comfort for hand held testing
    Obtain immediate results and analysis of your tests
    Store data points for later review and transfer to PC/laptop
    Perform quick and easy 'Go-No-Go' testing

    * All DART 2.0 Series Gauges include USB cable and TorimonUSB software.  RS-232 cable not included.

    *Receive 25% off individual item price when you order 10 or more!