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  • Watlow Semiconductor Fuses

    For protection of solid state power controllers, such as Watlow's DIN-A-MITE, a semiconductor fuse is recommended to protect the power controller and ensure long life.  To safeguard power controllers, Watlow offers DIN-rail mount fuse holders and semiconductor fuses in variuos sizes to accommodate the entire DIN-A-MITE SCR power controller family and solid state relay products.  These fuse holders feature lockout/tagout and open fuse indication.

    NOTE: All fuses should be rated at 125 percent of connected load or the next standard fuse size above 125 percent.  Due to special cases such as cooler ambient or lower amperage loads, the connected load should be the determining factor.  The semiconductor fuse I²t rating must not exceed the SCR I²t rating.  These fuses are classified as supplemental protection for semiconductor devices.  They are not approved for branch circuit protection.