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  • PowerScout 3037

    Adapt to any Project
    The PowerScout 3037comes in four basic configurations depending on whether a display or Ethernet port are desired.  Instead of having one specific meter for a single job, the PowerScout 3037 can adapt to nearly any project requirement.

    All PowerScout 3037 models have a broadband power supply (80-600VAC) and can be paired with a variety of current transformers, from split cores that measure <1A up to large RoCoils designed for measuring 4000A.  In addition, communication protocols are field-selectable.  Easily toggle between Modbus or BACnet using ViewPoint software.

    USB Port: Quick & Easy Setup
    Configuring the PowerScout 3037 is faster than ever before, thanks to the standard USB port. To configure, simply connect the meter to a PC using a A-B USB cable (not included), then use ViewPoint software to select CT type, communication protocol, and other parameters. The meter is powered by the USB port while connected to a PC. Setting the meter up at the office, prior to deployment, minimizes time spent in the field.

    Have several meters that require the same configuration? Save your setup table in ViewPoint and use it over and over.

    Optional Display
    New to the PowerScout is an optional scrolling display which can be used for quickly reading real-time values and performing diagnostics during setup. Without even connecting to a laptop, know that the meter is configured properly before leaving the job site.

    Maximum Flexibility: Serial and Ethernet in the Same Unit
    No longer be limited to choosing either Serial or Ethernet. All Ethernet units (PS3037-E-X) are equipped with both RS-485 and RJ-45 connections standard. Having both communication methods ensures maximum flexibility in the field.

    DIN Rail Mounting
    The PowerScout 3037 is compact enough to facilitate in-panel mounting. Use the angled mounting tabs to install flush on the side or back of the panel wall. Or, use the built-in DIN rail channel, which is compatible with TS35/7 rail for quick and easy mounting near the circuit panel.

    No Integral Voltage Leads
    Voltage leads are now customer-supplied and no longer integral to the PowerScout unit. Because of this, there is no distinction between "US" and "INTERNATIONAL" PowerScout 3037 instruments. All configurations of PS3037 can be used throughout the world (50/60 Hz).

    Broadband Power Supply
    All PowerScout 3037 models have a broadband power supply (80-600VAC) and can be paired with a variety of current transformers, from split cores that measure < 1A up to large RoCoils designed for measuring up to 4000A (PS24 & EXC: 5-5000A with RoCoil CTs).

    Communications: Industry-Standard Modbus or BACnet
    Communications interface to the PowerScout 3037 can be accomplished through standard serial RS-485 or USB, or optional Ethernet. The PowerScout can use either BACnet IP or MS/TP protocol or Modbus TCP or RS-485 protocol for sending commands or retrieving data.

    Revenue-Grade Performance
    The PowerScout 3037 features revenue-grade ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2 qualified performance. Paired with the appropriate DENT CTs, the PowerScout 3037 is ideal for high-accuracy applications like demand response or tenant submetering.

    ViewPoint 4 Setup Utility Software
    The PowerScout 3037 requires ViewPoint 4 software or later. Significant improvements have been made to the setup table which make configuring the PowerScout fast and easy. In addition, the driver for the PowerScout 3037's USB port is part of the software package.

    We recommend one copy of ViewPoint software with every PowerScout order. The software has an unlimited site license, so customers may install it on multiple computers at their site.  See “PowerScout 3037 Accessories and Software” section.

    Standard Pulse Output
    Send kWh or other pulses to an external device. The meter includes one pulse output, which is used to generate pulses for devices, such as data loggers, that can accept pulses, but do not have BACnet or Modbus capability.

    Safety and Warranty
    The PowerScout 3037 is UL Listed and carries the CE Mark. The meter conforms to UL Std 61010-1 and certified to CSA Std C22.2 No. 61010-1.

    In addition, all PowerScout instruments have a 5 year factory warranty.