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Contact Rating

N/A Life: 10 million operations with no load, 100,000 operations with: 10 AMPS at 30 VDC (or less) or 10 AMPS at 250 VAC (or less) Rated 10 AMPS resistive at 30 VDC or 250 VAC (or less) 1/8 HP at 120 VAC ¼ HP at 240 VAC, 240 VA at 240 VAC

Contact Material

N/A Silver Cadmium Oxide

Temperature Rating

N/A 0 to 122 °F (-18 to 50 °C)


N/A Available Options: Surface mounting socket, DIN rail mounting socket, Panel-mounting adapter kit, Plug-in socket kit Plug-in 11-Pin round base

Power Requirements

N/A AC: Inrush-1.5 Amps, Power required-1.2 watts DC: Maximum ripple at 100 Hz-5%, Current required-50 mA, Power Required-1.2 watts, F option-Peak inrush current=2 AMPS at 24 VDC, N option-Peak inrush current =150 mA at 24 VDC Universal power supply-reverse polarity protected; unit will accept power from 24 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, (+10%, -20%) 24 VDC (+20%, -20%)

Repeat Accuracy

N/A *Variation from average actual time. Any voltage (0˚F to 140˚F): -2.0%* Any voltage (constant temperature):-0.5%* Varies as a function of temperature

Minimum Setting

N/A 2% of range, with the exception of 50 mSEC on the 1 second range

Setting Accuracy

N/A ±5% of range


N/A a: 0 to 20 mSEC power interruption: guaranteed no reset. b: 20 to 65 mSEC; it may reset (40 mSEC typical reset). c: Over 65 mSEC guaranteed to reset. The TDR will reset properly and not start timing when subjected to an open start switch leakage of 1.5 mA or less. (Prox switch and Triac drive applications)

Terminal #6 (Start Switch Requirements Off-Delay)

N/A AC: Minimum Current Rating-1.5A DC: Minimum Current Rating-50 mA, Maximum saturated voltage drop-1.5 VDC


N/A 140 g


N/A Six dial-selected ranges (1 or 10 SEC/MIN/HRS)