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As model 5080,  plus additional functions:

  • Dual Voltage 110V / 230V
  • IEC / Extension Lead Check
  • Fuse Continuity & Self Check
Unit of Measure

Dimensions (H x W x D)

N/A 390 x 280 x 110 mm


N/A 3.5 kg

Insulation Resistance Measurement

N/A 0.1M Ohms to 100M Ohms at 500V: Accuracy 3% +/- 4 digits

Leakage Current Measurement

N/A 0.1mA to 15mA at 240V/50 Hz:Accuracy 3% +/- 0.2mA

Fuse Test

N/A Pass/Fail: checks power switch on & fuse OK (using 230V)

Lead Length Correction

N/A Slider control 1 to 5m

Battery Life

N/A Typical 700 tests per recharge

Mains Operation

N/A Continuous operation w/charger supplied


N/A 6 hrs.

Internal Memory Capacity

N/A 1000 tests (unlimited w/PC based storage)

IEC/Extension Lead Correction

N/A Slider control 1 to 20m

Earth Bond Resistance Measurement

N/A 0 to 10 Ohms at 100mA/10A/25A Nominal (5s into S/C): 3% +/-4 Digits