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The Marsh Bellofram Type 1500 electro-pneumatic transducer converts an electrical signal to a proportional pressure output. It provides low-cost precision electro-pneumatic control to actuators, valves, positioners, final control elements and high-flow controls. Occupying a small overall footprint, Type 1500′s compact size and accessibility to ports and adjustments allow the unit to be installed in space-constrained locations or in a manifold for multi-device control. DIN rail and manifold assemblies are available in kits that provide three, five or ten mounting points. An integral pneumatic volume booster is included to provide high flow capacity to provide high flow capacity. (See specifications for flow data).


  • Electrical Connections: Conduit 1⁄2″ NPT or BSPT, Terminal Block, Hirschmann® Connectors (DIN 43 650-A)
  • Supply and Output Ports on Front and Back of Unit
  • Low Air Consumption
  • External Zero and Span Adjustments
  • Field Accessible Orifice
  • Electrical Conduit Connection Meets CE Requirements
  • Intrinsically Safe Versions (FM, CSA, ATEX Approvals)
  • NEMA 4X Version (FM, CSA Approvals) Excludes Terminal Block


  • Valve actuators
  • Valve positioners
  • HVAC systems
  • Material handling systems
  • Paper handling controls
  • Automation systems
  • Liquid and gas processing systems

*Both the I/P and E/P versions are two-wire devices, plus a safety ground.  The E/P requires a DC voltage input signal; example: 1 to 9 VDC. The I/P models require an input current of 4 to 20 mA.  You will have the opportunity to choose between an E/P model or I/P model at checkout when you select your desired input signal. 


N/A <0.75% of span


N/A <0.5% of span

Linearity (Independent)

N/A <0.75% of span <1.0% of span for fluorocarbon units

Flow @ Mid Range

N/A 6.5 SCFM (Minimum) at 15.0 PSIG/1.0 BAR output pressure, 120 PSIG/8.3 BAR Supply Pressure

Maximum Air Consumption

N/A 3 SCFH at 15 PSI/1.0 BAR Output Pressure

Exhaust Capacity

N/A >1.0 SCFM at 5 PSI/0.4 BAR above set point

Supply Pressure Range

N/A 5 PSI above maximum output up to 120 PSIG/8.3 BAR maximum

Port Size


Supply Pressure Sensitivity

N/A <2.5% of span for a supply pressure change of 15 PSIG/1.0 BAR

Temperature Range

N/A -20 to +150 ºF

Input Signal

N/A 4-20 mA DC, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC, 1-9 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 1-10 VDC

Output Range

N/A 0.2-1.0, 0.2-1.9, 0.4-2.1 BAR 3-15, 3-27, 6-30 PSIG