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  • Internal battery - powered
  • 120VAC Charger included

The DT-725 possess many of the same features as the famous DT-300 Series Stroboscopes, but are lighter in weight. Constructed of strengthened high impact plastic, these rugged units are exceptionally reliable and withstand the same harsh conditions as more expensive units. Employing its unique phase shifting feature, the DT-725 “freezes” rotating or reciprocating machinery for visual inspection of covered gear teeth, shafts, oil/fuel/ink injector patterns, and print media; all without stopping production.
These features make the DT-725 ideal for quality inspection and preventive maintenance of automated motion equipment. Units can be ordered separately or as a convenient kit.


  • Bright LED Display Aids viewing in poorly lit areas
  • Light Weight Design
  • External trigger allows unit to be automatically synchronized with equipment
  • Continuous duty cycle eliminates need to shut down for cooling
  • Phase shift allows visual analysis of rotating/reciprocating objects
  • Easy adjust flash rate controller dial
  • Synchronous output enables strobe to drive other strobes
  • Easy tri-pod or permanent mounting with integral mounting thread
  • Internal, fast-charge rechargeable battery supply

Calcert Gold
Calcert Gold is available for this item. You could purchase a plan to set up calibrations easily with us in the future life of this unit. To learn more and purchase this plan: Click Here


N/A 1-Year

Included Accessories

N/A AC adapter

Flashing Range

N/A 40.0 – 12,500 fpm (flashes per minute)

Phase Shift

N/A Use +/- push buttons (360° in 6 seconds)

Output Signal

N/A NPN open collector (24 VDC max., 50 mA), 150 µsec typical

Rate Multiplier/Divider

N/A Multiply by 2, divide by 2

External Trigger Input Signal

N/A a) 12 – 24 VDC thru a 3-wire NPN output sensor (requires external power b) 12 VDC thru a 2-wire proximity sensor (leakage current 1 mA max., load current 8 mA min.) c) Switch or relay contact

Flashtube Power/Life

N/A Xenon, 10 W max. (100 million flashes)

Flash Duration

N/A 10 – 15 µsec

Low Battery Indicator

N/A Flashing LED

Power Requirement

N/A 115 VAC or 220 VAC ±10 % 60/50 Hz / Internal battery pack

Operating Temperature

N/A 0 to 40 ºC32 to 104 ºF