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• Combination Stroboscope & Tachometer eliminates need for two separate products.

• Quick mode selection provides instant back and forth operation between tachometer and stroboscope.

• Multiplication selection of flash rate with scroll dial accelerates ability to get to the process speed desired.

• Process speed detected by its tachometer can be taken instantly over to stroboscope flash rate, providing the exact rate to freeze the process without having to guess and dial in a speed manually.

• Rotation mode takes the stopped image rate and automatically calculates a slow motion of the process for additional analysis possibly not seen with the frozen view. Great for checking motor direction.

• Tachometer mode shows live process, maximum & minimum recorded values.

• Tachometer graphing mode aids in visualizing the process speed changes

• Large backlit display, light-weight, and easy- grip handle enables use in a multitude of test environments and applications.

• Adjustable flash duration aids process clarity, often necessary in printing applications.

• Low power draw LED’s along with rechargeable batteries provides additional testing operation time.

Calcert Gold
Calcert Gold is available for this item. You could purchase a plan to set up calibrations easily with us in the future life of this unit. To learn more and purchase this plan: Click Here


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