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Includes A2LA accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate.
Unit of Measure



N/A Portable : With an overall length of just 130mm (5 1/8"), 30 Series calibrators are compact and rugged enough to be taken anywhere, safely and easily.

Accurate : Each and every 30 Series calibrator is fully temperature compensated, as a result of extensive testing and exposure to the entire operating temperature range (0ºC [32ºF] to 50ºC [122ºF] in our environmental test chambers. So when you’re outside, whether it’s hot or cold, your 30 Series calibrator will provide you with measurements that are just as accurate as when you use it indoors!

Easy to Use : No menus! You won't need the manual to operate this calibrator (though a comprehensive manual is included). Up to 10 different pressure units (PSI, kPa, Bar, etc.) are selectable from the keypad, depending on the model - see specifications. Milliamps can display in percentages of 4-20mA or 10-50mA.

Efficient : Long battery life - up to 90 hours from a single, ordinary and disposable, alkaline 9V battery - is achieved through careful design and the use of a high performance RISC (reduced instruction set computer) type microcontroller. Full accuracy is maintained even while the low battery icon is flashing. (A battery monitoring circuit prevents further measurements when low battery voltage could begin to affect measurements.)

Reliable : Advanced technology is employed throughout the 30 Series product line. Sensors are very robust, because they are constructed with stainless steel isolation diaphragms and permanent oil fill.

30 Series Calibrators are built with aluminum and stainless steel.
The aluminum housing of 30 series calibrators is rugged and resists interference from two-way radios and cellular phones better than plastic. Sensors are stainless steel, compatible with gases and liquids, and are built in.

Each and every 30 Series Calibrator is Intrinsically Safe!
Class I, Group A, B, C, D.

Designed and proven for field use.
Accuracy is 0.05% of the indicated pressure, 0.025% of the indicated current (up to 55mA). These specifications are not affected by temperature because each and every 30 Series calibrator is tested in an environmental test chamber over the full operating range of 0ºC (32ºF) up to 50ºC (122ºF), duplicating field conditions. As a result, every calibrator is supplied with an NIST traceable certificate of calibration that includes data at 5 temperatures!


N/A 400 g14 oz


N/A CRYSTAL Engineering Corporation


N/A Typically ships in 2-3 weeks

Intrinsically Safe

N/A Yes



N/A For 1 bar and 100kPa - VFT = 0.0003 bar or 0.03kPa For 16 and 36 PSI - VFT = 0.004 PSI For 2 bar and 200 kPa - VFT = 0.0003 bar or 0.03kPa For 20 bar or 2000 kPa - VFT = 0.001 bar or 0.1 kPa For 300 PSI - VFT = 0.01 PSI

Temperature Ranges

Operating & Compensated

N/A 0 to 50 ºC32 to122 ºF


N/A -20 to 70 ºC-4 to 158 ºF



N/A One (1) 9V battery

Battery Life

N/A 90 hours typical (alkaline battery)

Low Battery Indicator

N/A Displayed battery icon



N/A 0 to 55 mA


N/A 0.001 mA


N/A ±(0.025% of Reading + 0.001 mA)

Percentage Conversion

N/A 4 mA = 0.00%; 20 mA = 100.00% or 10 mA = 0.00%; 50 mA = 100.00%


N/A 4mm jacks, 19mm (0.75') spacing

Media Compatibility

N/A Liquids and gases compatible with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) penetrated and anodized aluminum sensor manifold, 316 stainless steel (sensor), Viton® (O-ring). (Viton is a registered trademark of Dupont Dow Elastomers.) PTFE can be eliminated, if required, by specifying option SPSS, in which case aluminum manifold(s) will be replaced with stainless steel manifold(s).

Notes: Over-range occurs at 110% of full scale, causing "HP Over" or "LP Over" to be displayed.

Standard factory setting is 1 "H20 = 0.036126 PSI (density of water @ 4°C) Specify at time of order if you require a different density (e.g. for water @ 68°F, 1 "H20 = 0.036063 PSI).