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The GaugeCalHP is a portable, self contained, hydraulic pressure generator for calibrating pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and safety valves.  

  • Pressure to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar / 100 MPa 
  • Vacuum to -12.5 psi / -0.8 bar / -86 kPa
  • Faster than any deadweight tester and most automated pressure controllers

Use without fluid to generate up to 400 inches H2O (995 mbar) to within 0.01 inches (0.025 mbar). Makes calibrating Differential Pressure Transmitters easy.

  • Easily test large size gauges with the unique pivoting manifold
  • Quickly bleed air and capture fluid with the no mess drip tray
  • Gauge-Safe integral venting system prevents damage to mechanical gauges
  • Use with water, light oil or air 

Includes Fine Adjust, MPF15K-1/4FPT and two CPF Male ports.