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Special Notes for Super Toxic EAGLES

Some SUPER TOXIC gas versions have longer lead times than others.

Probes and Hoses for Super Toxic EAGLES

Note that due to absorption issues some versions with super toxic sensors (Br2, ClO2, F2, HCl, HF and O3) have different hose fittings than the standard 4 gas units.  These versions also are supplied with only 3’ of Teflon Tubing as standard, and some versions (F2, HF, and O3) cannot be used with a probe due to absorption, so they will come without a probe.


N/A Weatherproof, chemical resistant, RFI/EMI coated high impact polycarbonate-polyester blend. Can operate in rain or set into 2.0” of water without damage. Ergonomically balanced with rugged top mounted handle.


N/A 5 lbs (standard 4 gas with batteries)

Detection Principle

N/A Catalytic combustion, electrochemical cell, galvanic cell, infrared.

Sensor Life

N/A 2 years under normal conditions

Sampling Method

N/A Powerful, long-life pump (over 6,000 hours) can draw samples over 125 feet. Flow rate approximately 2.0 SCFH.


N/A 4 x 20 LCD readout. Viewed through window in case top. Displays readings & status of 4 channels simultaneously. Backlight, automatic for alarms and by demand with adjustable time.


N/A 2 alarms per channel plus TWA and STEL alarms for toxics. The two alarms are fully adjustable for levels, latching or self reset and silenceable.

Alarm Method

N/A Buzzer 85 dB at 30 cm, dual high intensity LED’s, and flashing display.


N/A 6 External glove friendly push buttons for operation, demand zero, and auto-calibration. Buttons also access LEL/ppm, alarm silence, peak hold, TWA/STEL values battery status and many other features.

Continuous Operation

N/A 30 hours minimum, using alkaline batteries, or 18 hours using Ni-Cad.

Power Source

N/A 4 Alkaline or Ni-Cad, size D batteries (Charger has alkaline recognition to prevent battery damage if charging is attempted with alkalines).

Operating Temperature, Humidity

N/A -10 ˚C to 40 ˚C (14 ˚F to 104 ˚F), 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Response Time

N/A 30 seconds to 90% (most gases) using standard 5 ft hose

Safety Rating

N/A Intrinsically Safe, Class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C, D. CSA (C/US) and UL classified (most versions)


N/A Two year material and workmanship