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Timing Modes

N/A Repeat Cycle: Pulse-Clocked at 50 to 80 mSEC (will be constant for a given unit) Single Cycle: Interval or delayed

Reset Time

N/A Clocked at 60 mSEC

Timing Bar

N/A Display (right); blinks once per second during cycle, rapidly after time-out

Clock Input (Terminal 15) Voltage Model

N/A 120VAC Model: 95-132VAC, 10mA max. current at 120V 125 VDC Model: 19.2 to 26.4 VDC 50mA DC Max. 125 VDC: 100 to 150 VDC 15 mA DC 240VAC Model: 190-264VAC, 10 mA max. current at 240V 24VAC Model: 19.2-26.4VAC, 20 mA max. current at 24V 24VDC Model: 19.2-26.4VDC (5% ripple), 5 mA max. current at 24V

Temperature Rating

N/A 32 to 140 °F (0 to 60 °F)

Load Relay

N/A Contact Ratings: 7A at 120, 240 or 24 VAC; 1/6 HP Life: 100 million operations (no load) Number: One instantaneous and one delayed Operate Time: P 13 mSEC, max. Release Time: 10 mSEC, max. Type: DPDT, Form C

Repeat Accuracy

N/A ±.001% ±.010 SEC of setting

Setting Accuracy

N/A ±.01% +.030 SEC of setting


N/A 16 screw terminals accessible at rear


N/A 72 mm2 DIN size; plug-in design; fully gasketed, dust and water-tight in panel mounted installations