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Timing Ranges

N/A 0.001 SEC to 19.999 SEC 0.01 SEC to 199.99 SEC 0.1 SEC to 1999.9 SEC 1 MIN to 199 Hr. 59 MIN 1 SEC to 199 MIN 59 SEC

Reset Time

N/A 8 mSEC Accumulator, Repeat Cycle-OFF First First Pulse Immediate Reverse Start ON-Delay, Interval, Reverse Start Delay Repeat Cycle-ON First, Repeat cycle Repeat Pulse, First Pulse Immediate Repeat Pulse-Reverse Start, Repeat Pulse Reverse Start Interval, Momentary Start Reverse Start-OFF First, Repeat Cycle Reverse Start-ON First, Repeat Pulse

Time Setting

N/A Front Panel Keypad

Time Repeat Accuracy

N/A Count: 100% Time: ± 0.005 SEC


N/A LCD: 4-1/2 Digit, 7/16" High

Relay Mechanical Life

N/A 50,000,000 Operations

Instantaneous Relay Output

N/A 7 Amps Resistive, 240 VAC, 2 N.O., 2 N.C. Contacts

Timed Relay Output

N/A 2 N.C. Contacts 7 Amps Resistive, 240 VAC, 2 N.O.

Temperature Rating

N/A 32-140 °F (0-60 °C)

Operating Power

N/A 120 or 240 VAC, +10%, -20%, 50/60 Hz

Transient Voltage Protection

N/A Metal Oxide Varistor

NEMA Rating



N/A Screw Terminals


N/A Plug In Case

Control Voltage Initiate Time

N/A 8 mSEC


N/A Lithium Battery