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The Expert™ Level Transmitter 2100 series is a very popular level transmitter, with a sturdy design made for level measuring in waste water applications around the world.

The 7060 transmitter has a piezoresistive measuring system with direct air pressure compensation through a tube in the cable.

The transmitter is suitable for level measurement in wastewater pumping stations, tanks and containers at sewage plants, water works, and industrial plants.


  • Applications: Wastewater and process water
  • PP Housing reinforced with iron bars
  • Stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316 L) diaphragm
  • Ø 2.36"mm outer diameter
  • Programmable zero point and span with flexible measuring ranges
  • Measuring ranges between 0 – 6 ft. up to 0 – 200 ft.
  • Measurement and stability accuracy better than ± 0.25 %
  • Output signal 2-wire 4 - 20 mA (2100) or Modbus RS 485 (2100 Digital)
  • High pull strength (200 pound) PUR Cable


N/A Typically ships in 2 weeks