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RKI Digester Gas Monitors

RKI Controller Used

N/A Beacon 410A with special firmware structured to meet product requirements

Input Power

N/A 100/115/220 VAC ± 10% or 24VDC

Sampling Method

N/A Air Aspirator (compressed air source is required)

Sample Filtering

N/A Internal gas dryer to dry the sample after it leaves the hydrophobic in line filter Internal water trap automatically drained after each detection cycle with a 30 second blowback purge

Flow Rate

N/A System flow rate 3 SCFH

Flow Meters

N/A 0-0.5 SCFH Flow meter with valve for H2S sample flow 0-2 SCFH Flow meter with valve for H2S dilution flow 0-5 SCFH Flow meter for total flow

Target Gases/Detection Ranges

N/A Carbon Dioxide: 0-50% Vol. Hydrogen Sulfide: 0-1000 ppm using internal dilution (0-3000 or 0-5000 optional) Methane: 0-100% Vol. Oxygen: 0-25% Vol.


N/A Methane and CO2: NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) sensors Oxygen and H2<./sub>S: Long life electrochemical sensor


N/A 4-20 mA for each active sensor Modbus RTU RS-485


N/A 1 Year