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Ralston Instruments Quick-test hoses and adapters are designed to provide leak-free connections for use in pressure calibration to 6900 psi (475 bar). Their unique, proprietary design has allowed Ralston Instruments to become a leading supplier of pressure calibration connection products.
Quick-test hoses come in several standard models. Hoses can be made to order in any length with a large selection of hose ends to choose from. Ralston Instruments also makes a wide variety of process connections that allow the user to connect to virtually any process.

Has Check Valve

N/A No

Temperature Range

N/A -18 to 54 ºC0 to 130 ºF

Seal Materials

N/A Buna-N, Delrin, Teflon

Outlet Port 1

N/A NPAK Outlet port assembly, male Quick-test with cap and chain, S.S. (for #9)