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Designed for HVAC, Electrical, Building, and Plant Professionals

  • 2% thermal accuracy
  • Patented radiometric JPEGs that are easy to share or analyze
  • 1,000 JPEG SD card storage capacity and USB connectivity
  • Browsable on-screen thumbnail gallery
  • All in a rugged double-molded housing

    Thermal Imaging Just Got Easier

    Thermal imaging cameras can detect what no eye can see such as the minor variations in temperature that can signal electrical or moisture problems. Infrared inspection with the EXTECH i5 thermal imaging camera gives you a powerful non-invasive monitoring and diagnosing tool. Detect hot spots, avoid electrical and mechanical failures, locate water damage sources, find missing insulation and leaky air ducts. Your results can be captured and documented instantly into professional reports providing documented proof of your findings. Arm yourself and your crew with an EXTECH i5 and see what you've been missing!

    To order from an authorized Extech distributor, visit www.extech.com/i5. For complete solutions to finding problems with Thermal Imagers and solving them with Extech test tools, visit www.extech.com/completesolution.
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