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The 422AR Flip-Flop timer are available with Repeat Cycle operations. During Repeat Cycle operation the 422AR cycle ON and OFF repeatedly, allowing periodic cycling of a load. Two knobs are available to individually adjust the ON-time and the OFF-time. The 422AR can be configured with either the relay being energized during the first timing period or de-energized during the first timing period.

The 422AR have 6 selectable timing ranges available for both ON-time and OFF-time periods. The ranges are 1 and 10 SEC/MIN/HRS dip switch selectable. Having this flexibility allows for a load to be energized for a brief time over a cycle that lasts up to 10 hours. This is deal for lubrication or other maintenance functins that must occur each shift or day during a plant operation.

The 422AR 1/16 DIN housing is compact, and designed for panel mounting. The timer is mounted in an 8-pin round socket. The front of the 422AR features 2 knobs. One knob is used to set the ON-time and the other knob is used to set the OFF-time for the timer’s cycle. The 422AR is universal powered by 20 to 240 VAC or 12 to 240 VDC
operation voltage.

The output of the 422AR has a DPDT mechanical relay which is rated for 10 amps @ 250 VAC resistive. The 422AR can be ordered in a terminal option which is only available with 5 amp Relay output. The 422′s have individual LED indicators for ON time and OFF time. These LED’s provide a unique and effective method of cycle progress indication.

Six Selectable Ranges:
1 and 10 SEC/MIN/HRS
• Individual adjustable ON-time and OFF-time
• Cycle can begin with relay energized or de-energized
• Relay rated 10A @ 250 VAC Resistive
• Compact Size (1/16 DIN)
• DPDT Relay Output
• Power: 20VAC to 240VAC
12VDC to 240VDC
• LED Indicator for Power and Relay energized output
• Can be DIN Rail mounted with DIN RAIL socket

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