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  • Self-contained nitrogen cylinder
  • “Overpressure protection” Condec REG 3000 regulator limits pressure to costly units under test
  • Charge your internal nitrogen cylinder to 3000 psi with provided adapter fitting
  • Two output (test) ports, for connecting to Device-Under-Test as well as a precision calibration standard (works with all major name brand pressure calibrators, digital gauges or indicators)
  • Precisely dial into required pressures with patented valve assembly
  • 15.2 cubic feet of nitrogen at 3000 psi
  • Aluminum carrying case
  • Front panel gauges inform operator of internal cylinder pressure level
  • Different technicians can operate the system and get identical results…every time
  • Pneumatic only – no hydraulics or distilled water messes


  • Works with all major manufacturer’s electronic pressure calibrators
  • Truly portable pneumatic source to 3000 psi
  • Nitrogen source for a full day of calibrating


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