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The F2A1X Frequency to Analog module converts a frequency input signal into a proportional analog voltage (0-5Vdc) or current (4-20mAdc) output. The output signal is electrically isolated from input signal and input power source effectively eliminating troublesome ground loops. The input signal can be supplied from a Monarch sensor (measuring RPM for example) or any source of digital signal not exceeding 12 volts. The F2A1X is factory preprogrammed with the full scale output and input scale factor of your choice. These settings are also user configurable with the optional USB programming cable and PM Remote Software. PM Remote Software also displays data in real-time and allows data to be stored directly to Microsoft Excel. The F2A1X requires 12-24Vdc input power.


  • Economically priced
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight construction
  • Electrically isolated input/output
  • Compatible with most speed sensors
  • 12 to 24 Vdc input power
  • User configurable*
  • View real-time data on PC*
  • Store data in Excel file in real-time*
  • -20mA or 0-5Vdc scalable output
  • 5Vdc or 10Vdc sensor supply (jumper selectable)
  • *Requires optional USB programming cable and PM Remote Software 

Typical Uses:

  • Process monitoring
  • Tachometer signal generator
  • QC and R&D
  • Engine performance
  • Signal conditioning
  • Data acquisition
  • Motor or pump monitoring
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