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-2 models available: the GL840-M Multi-Input model and the GL840-WV Withstand Voltage model

- Easy operation with large screen 7 inches color LCD display and various useful functions.

-Modular system allows expansion up to 200 channels for the applications.

   · It can be mixed with multi-input terminal and withstand voltage terminal.

· It can stretch up to 20m by connecting the extend cable between each terminal.

        *When the model of the terminal is mixed, Maximum input voltage is the voltage of the standard terminal will be applied.

- The GS sensor terminal / adapter of PetitLOGGER GL100 can be connected.

- Wireless comunication by using the wireless LAN unit (Optional)

- Maximum sampling rate of up to 10ms.

- Large capacity SD card memory for reliable long term measurement.

- PC software comes as the standard accesory.

   · iOS / Android applications can be downloaded free of charge from App Store / Google Play.

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