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Economical Level Switch

The B/W 7014 and 7010 float switch products offer an economical solution to clean liquid point level measurement.

Multiple Switch Points

The B/W float switches offer single point or up to 12 switch points on a single guide tube.

Direct or Indirect Operation

Switches can close on rising level or open on rising level

Suitable for Many Applications

Applicable to clean liquids for high or low level indication, pump control, and stop fill on storage vessels.

Reliable mechanical point level switches for use in many clean liquids applications. Float switches provide general-purpose point level device at an economical price. Simple installation and reliable operation make floats a good choice for many point level applications.

B/W float switches provide reed switch or mechanical switch outputs that can connected to B/W relay Modules for control function or directly to a PLC or DCS system. Relays are available for general purpose and with intrinsically safe outputs for hazardous areas.

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