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The most complete lamp tester helps save you time and reduce costs.

The Fluke 1000FLT allows you to perform 5 tests with 1 compact tool.  If your job requires keeping large numbers of fluorescent lights shining, the Fluke 1000FLT is an indispensable tool.  This tester is a real time and money saver.

The Fluke 1000FLT offers 5 essential lighting tests:
  • Lamp Test:  Test bulb without removing from fixture.
  • Ballast Test:  Easily determine if ballast is working.
  • Non-Contact Voltage:  Quickly check for voltage presence.
  • Pin Continuity Test:  Tests if filaments have continuity.
  • Ballast -Type Test:  Determine if ballast is electronic or magnetic without taking fixture apart – identify energy wasting ballasts.

Other Key Benefits:
  • Survives on-the-job handling: Drop-tested to survive from a six foot (2 meter) ladder.
  • Easy-to-Use: Bright indicator light plus audible alert.
  • Rugged: Backed with a three-year warranty.

1000FLT Package Includes:
  • 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester
  • 4AA Alkaline Batteries
  • H1000 Holster
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • 3-Year Warranty Card
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