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The Hedland Flow Meter is a variable area (rotameter) instrument. A precision machined, sharp-edged Orifice is located within the piston assembly and forms an annular opening with the contoured metering cone. The piston assembly carries a cylindrical PPS/ ceramic magnet that is magnetically coupled to an external flow Indicator that moves precisely, in direct response to movement of the piston. A calibrated spring opposes flow in the forward direction. This spring decreases viscosity sensitivity and allows the flow meter to be used in any position, including inverted.

Hedland water-based fluid meters are designed to monitor fluid flow rates of water and oil emulsions. Fluid examples include glycol mixtures, water-in-oil, glycerin and other various coolants. Standard meters provide an economical solution for operators needing a quick, visual indication of flow, without the use of additional electronics. A variety of end fittings and different material types create product flexibility and material compatibility. Expansion options are available to allow integration into remote systems via electronic output.

  • Direct reading
  • Internal calibrated spring
  • 360° rotatable guard/scale
  • Easier-to-read linear scale
  • No flow straighteners or special piping required
  • Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Special scales available
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H-919 N/A 3 in. CD61 Flange Flow Meter $2,400.00 Add To Cart
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