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  • High Pressure to 300 psi or 500 psi
  • Vacuum to 25" Hg., Minimum
  • True One Hand Operation of all Controls
  • Pressure-Balanced Vernier Adjustment
  • Rugged, Industrial Strength Construction
  • No Exposed Springs, Piston Rods

    COMBO·PUMP is a combined high pressure and vacuum calibration pump in one rugged, compact unit. The COMBO·PUMP features true one-hand operation! Push one button to convert from pressure to vacuum mode. A pressure balanced precision vernier knob allows easy fingertip "fine-tuning" of calibration pressure and vacuum to ± 0.01 psi over the full pressure and vacuum range. The standard COMBO·PUMP 300 range is 300 psi pressure and 25" Hg. (-12.3 psi) vacuum. Also available is the COMBO·PUMP 500 with a range of 500 psi pressure and 25" Hg. (-12.3 psi) vacuum.

    The COMBO·PUMP's unique single compound lever pump handle generates faster pressure or vacuum buildup with fewer strokes and much less operator fatigue than other pumps. COMBO·PUMP is made for years of no-maintenance service in demanding industrial environments. All moving parts of the pump mechanism are protected inside the pump handle from damage and dirt. No exposed springs, piston rods, etc. The body and handle are anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum and all moving parts are high strength, corrosion-proof plastics and metal.

    Small size and light weight make COMBO·PUMP the perfect choice for use with all portable pressure and vacuum field calibrators or test gauges. COMBO·PUMP can be ordered with an optional second output port to permit connection to two test devices. Factory installed, instrument-grade quick-connect fittings and 3 or 6 foot long quick-connect tubing kits are available accessories.