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The APD 7580 accepts a frequency input and provides an optically isolated DC voltage or current output that is linearly related to the input.

Common applications include frequency to DC conversions from frequency output type devices such as rotary encoders, magnetic pick-ups, proximity sensors, variable speed drives, and flow meters.  For PLCs that do not have analog outputs, often the pulse rate of a discreet output can be programmed to vary.  By connecting the APD 7580 to this output, a proportional analog signal can be generated.  A 15 VDC power supply is provided to power the sensor input, if required. 

Full 3-way isolation (input, ouput, power) makes this module useful for ground loop elimination, common mode signal rejection or noise pickup reduction.

The APD 7580 input and ouput can be field-configured via external rotary and slide switches.  Common ranges are on the module label.  Many additional combinations are possible.  Consult the factory for assistance with special ranges.


  • 1 Minute Setup for 30 Input & 18 Output Ranges
  • External Switches & Tables for Range Selection
  • Removable Plugs for Faster Installation
  • Full 1200 V Input/Output/Power Isolation
  • Input and Output LoopTracker® LEDs
  • Output Test Button
  • Built-In Loop Power Supply for Sink/Source Output


  • Monitor and Control Motor or Line Speed
  • Convert Speed and Frequency Signals
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APD 7580 N/A Frequency to DC Signal Conditioner $355.00 N/A 85-265 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 60-300 VDC, 2W maximum Add To Cart
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APD 7580 D N/A Frequency to DC Signal Conditioner $355.00 N/A 9-30 VDC or 10-32 VAC 50/60 Hz, 2W maximum Add To Cart
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