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The P-200 series gas detectors are rugged, lightweight, hand held portables for detecting combustible gases/vapors and monitoring atmospheric oxygen content.  Engineered to observe the demanding field requirements of industrial, public works, utilities, and landfills, these instruments share many common features and offer the user distinct advantages in terms of economy, dependability, maintainability and ease of operation.  Built to withstand rough field environments, all Series P-200 instruments are constructed with rugged cast aluminum housings, and incorporate highly reliable electrical design characteristics.  All active and passive components are mounted on easily accessible printed circuit boards.  In operation, all P-200 instruments are not only easy to use, sharing common functional characteristics, but they are extraordinarily fast in providing accurate readings.  For combustible indicators, the response time is about 4 seconds, and for oxygen indicators an accurate reading is attained within 6 seconds.

By maximizing the use of common components and operating characteristics, RKI offers not only high quality field instruments, but has greatly simplified and expedited other very important considerations, such as field service, personnel training and accessory interchangeability.  The commonality of components can save valuable time when field service becomes necessary.  Fundamental operating features are easy to understand and all components are very accessible for checkout, replacement or repair.

Instrument Prices Include:

  • Vinyl cover for GP-204 (part #20-0252RK)
  • Aspirator bulb for GP-204, with tubing (part #30-0401RK)
  • Battery, alkaline, 9V, (for XP-204 and XP-204A only)(part #49-1109RK)
  • Size D alkaline battery (part #49-1140RK)
  • Battery, Ni-Cad, D Size (part #49-1240RK)
  • Ni-Cad Battery Charger, 115 VAC (included with Ni-Cad version instruments only), P-200 Series (part #49-2011RK)
  • Probe Assembly, 10”, with Cotton Ball Filter (Part #80-0150RK)
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72-0001RK N/A Model GP-204, 0-100% LEL Methane (CH4) $795.00 Add To Cart
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72-0001RK-01 N/A Model GP-204, 0-100% LEL Methane (CH4) $875.00 Add To Cart
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72-0004RK N/A Model NP-204, 0-5% Methane and 0-100% Volume Methane (CH4) $295.00 Add To Cart
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