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The nickel terminal can be placed beneath existing screws or bolts to permit surface temperature measurement.

Performance Capabilities

  • Fiberglass insulated thermocouples can reach temperatures up to 900 ˚F (480 ˚ C) for continuous operation.

Features and Benefits

“Custom – tailored” standard products including:

  • 32 standard sheath lengths
  • Lead lengths from six to 360 inches
  • Stainless steel braid or hose protection
  • J, K, T and E calibrations
  • Grounded, ungrounded and exposed junctions
  • Flat and drill point
  • Epoxy sealed cold ends
  • Adjustable depths
  • Flexible extensions
  • Washers, nozzles and clamp bands
  • Custom diameters
  • PFA coated and stainless steel sheaths
  • Straight, 45˚ bend or 90˚ bend
  • Locking bayonet caps in standard, 12 mm and 15 mm