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The JOFRA DTI-050 handheld digital temperature indicator, offers a measurement accuracy to ± 0.012 °C.

Combined with an accurate JOFRA STS-100 temperature reference sensor, the DTI-050 temperature reference indicator is the perfect reference thermometer.

This simple to use instrument offers great flexibility, being able to work with both 'smart' and standard temperature sensors.  A fast response time ensures precise monitoring of temperature stability and low drift reduces uncertainty of measurement between calibration intervals.

Use the DTI-050 and the STS sensors as the working temperature reference in any calibration application or use the set-up directly for critical measurements in the process.

The superior specifications, combined with a long history of reliability and low drift, makes the DTI-050 and the STS sensors the perfect choice.

The graphical display makes it easy to recognize the status of the instrument and take readings.  The DTI-050 may also handle signals from 4-wire RTD's, TC's and thermistors.

*Includes STS-102 Pt100 reference probe, cable, -50 to 155 °C / -58 to 311 °F, sensor diameter measures 4mm (0.16 in), sensor length measures 30mm (1.18 in)
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