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The S1A DIN-rail-mounting smart LVDT Signal Conditioner module from Alliance Sensors Group ends the difficulties that accompany AC-LVDT setup with built-in null indicators and front panel pushbuttons to set zero and full scale output. Engineered to work with the widest range of AC-LVDTs and inductive half-bridge LVRTs, the S1A module offers a choice of 4 excitation frequencies and 8 analog outputs, operates LVDT sensors with over a 40 dB dynamic range of AC output, indicates most common system failures, and incorporates a 2-wire RS-485 digital communications port. Along with color-coded plug-in screw terminal connectors and a 2 year warranty, these are just a few of the many advanced features that make Alliance Sensors Group’s S1A module a truly superior smart LVDT signal conditioner.

  • Smart setup with front panel push buttons --- no pots, no calculations
  • Built-in null indication --- front panel LEDs and DC null voltage output
  • Auto-mastering provides fail-safe excitation syncing for multiple units
  • Self-diagnostics for LVDT failure or disconnect; open-collector output
  • Half-duplex digital communications via RS-485 2-wire multi-drop bus
  • Hot swapability --- setup can be saved and reloaded via RS-485 port
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