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An economical solid-state TDR with octal plug-in base, the ATC 319 maintains excellent repeat accuracy despite wide voltage and temperature variations, even after long periods of down-time. One model has five dial-selected adjustable ranges and provides any timing period between 0.02 SEC and 30 MIN; Lower-cost models incorporate three dials elected ranges or a single adjustable range.

Wide Choice of Ranges: In addition to the short ranges expected of an electronic TDR, the 319E is also available with ranges as long as 100 minutes, for AC or DC operation. An unusually versatile model, the 319E five ranger has five dial-selected ranges—from 0.3 sec to 30 min—and provides any dial-adjustable timing period between 0.02 seconds and 30 minutes; (1, 10 and 100 sec and 10 and 100 min). A single 319E model thus accommodates the needs of a wide range of applications, allowing the user to select–easily and precisely–an appropriate range to permit optimum setting accuracy. The dial face automatically displays the selected range. The 319 offers a choice of five dial-adjustable fixed ranges between 1 sec. and 30 sec.

Cycle Progress Indication—Model 319E: All options incorporate a light-emitting diode (LED) which is on during the time cycle, off at the end of timing. The 5-range option also includes a second LED which separately indicates the status of the output relay: on when energized, off when de-energized.

High Accuracy: The 319’s timing circuit is not subject to the large plus error that plagues many electronic TDRs after long periods of down-time: it maintains rated accuracy regardless of reset time variations, provided that there is at least 0.1 sec between cycles for Model 319E. All models hold unusually high repeat accuracy in the face of wide voltage and temperature swings.


  • 2 ranges available:
    .3 Sec., 3 Sec., 30 Sec., 3 Min., 30 Min.
    1 Sec., 10 Sec., 100 Sec., 10 Min. or 100 Min.
  • High Accuracy
  • Universal Input Power Supply
  • Output Relay DPDT 7A @ 120VAC
  • Indicating LED turns on during timing
  • 8-pin octal plug-in base
  • Ranges change by pulling and twisting setting knob until it clicks
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319E-030-F N/A Plug-In Adjustable AC/DC Time Delay Relay N/A 0.02 SEC-0.3 SEC 0.07 SEC-3.0 SEC 0.6 SEC-30.0 SEC 3.5 SEC-3.0 MIN 35.0 SEC-30.0 MIN Add To Cart
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319E-100-F N/A Plug-In Adjustable AC/DC Time Delay Relay N/A 0-1 SEC - .003 SEC 0-10 MIN - 6 SEC 0-10 SEC - .1 SEC 0-100 MIN - 60 SEC 0-100 SEC - 1 SEC Add To Cart
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